Integrated brand for ESCO companies


St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 23, 2008 – The Communications Segment of ESCO Technologies Inc. has announced that Aclara™ is the new brand under which three of its companies – DCSI, Hexagram, and Nexus Energy Software – will operate. The announcement is the result of a strategic alignment undertaken by ESCO last fall to merge companies from its utility communications businesses into an integrated brand. As the only single source for multiple, established advanced metering infrastructure/automated meter reading (AMI/AMR) and meter data management (MDM) solutions, the Aclara brand positions ESCO to expand its market presence within the fast growing utility communications segment.

The new brand brings together fixed-network systems (TWACS® from DCSI and STAR® Network from Hexagram) and MDM software (Nexus Energy Software applications) to provide state-of-the-art metering solutions. Aclara’s comprehensive menu of products and services offers utilities the choices they need to build unique systems that perform end-to-end data capture, transfer, processing, management, and presentation. Now operating under the brand Aclara Software™, Nexus Energy Software applications will fully support third-party AMI/AMR systems in addition to the Aclara STAR® Network and Aclara TWACS® Technology solutions.

“As Aclara, our unified technologies offer customers a comprehensive menu of tailored solutions for their utility communication and data information needs. Customers already trust Aclara’s companies to lower their distribution and operation costs and improve their customer service. By bringing our technologies together, we strengthen this partnership with our customers and position ourselves as the industry thought leader,” said Bruce Phillips, group president of Aclara.