Integrated ZigBee smart grid solutions from Maxim Integrated and RadioPulse


San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 15, 2012 – A partnership between Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. and RadioPulse has been established to provide ZigBee® communication for smart grid solutions.

Together, the two companies will market and develop ZigBee software, highly integrated systems on chips (SoCs), and "smart" transceivers to augment Maxim’s current smart grid solutions and Zeus, its recently announced smart-meter SoC.

The partnership is already providing more highly integrated smart grid solutions. The tight synergy between the RadioPulse wireless ZigBee software and Maxim’s smart, secure IC solutions saves time, board space, and implementation costs for customers.

“Maxim supports a variety of standards-based communication solutions including Zigbee. By collaborating with RadioPulse on our Zeus platform, we ensure that customers have innovative, highly integrated, and very secure smart grid solutions,” said Kris Ardis, business director for smart grid products at Maxim Integrated.
“We have a superb solution that matches Maxim’s innovative culture,” added Dr. Sungho Wang, CEO at RadioPulse.

According to a recent report from IMS Research, in the past three years, almost 60 million smart meters have been deployed, with almost 20 million including a HAN gateway (typically ZigBee) to enable connectivity between the backhaul AMI (typically powerline or RF mesh) and in-home devices such as in-home displays (IHDs).

RadioPulse ZigBee SoCs are immediately available for use with Maxim’s smart grid products.