Intellectual property acquisition will enhance product offering


Ember Corporation has purchased one of the world’s deepest portfolios of 802.15.4 radio frequency (RF) integrated circuit technology from Cambridge Consultants Ltd. (CCL) in the UK, and has hired the engineering team that developed it.

These strategic moves enable Ember to offer radio, network and software in an integrated 802.15.4/ZigBee package that serves the rapidly emerging market for low- cost, low-power networking applications. The market for ZigBee chips is expected to reach half a billion units by 2008.

The CCL deal gives Ember:

  • Exclusive rights to CCL’s 802.15.4 single-chip architecture, which supports low-power radio communications in demanding environments such as industrial facilities.
  • A license to use CCL’s library of low-power radio components and a wide range of digital communications intellectual property.
  • Two years of CCL’s integrated circuit development services to accelerate product development.

Paired with Ember’s embedded mesh networking intelligence, CCL’s radio technology will create a single-chip platform for mesh networking applications such as building security, heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation; inventory control; industrial controls; and transportation infrastructure safety monitoring. CCL is one of the world’s top developers of wireless applications, integrated circuits and intellectual property for low-powered, embedded radio.

Ember will also port its EmberNet™ mesh networking platform to the CCL platform, and continue EmberNet development for next-generation products. / /