Intelligent metering software launched by IBM


Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 2, 2011 – IBM has introduced an Intelligent Metering Network Management software package aimed at utilities to monitor and manage smart meter events, alarms and data, and overall to provide greater control and automation of the smart metering infrastructure.

The software taps data captured from smart meters – on service availability and assurance – and then correlates it according to policies to provide greater insight, thereby enable operational improvements. When data events fall outside the normal patterns, the software can automatically trigger customer service to create a work order or for staff to take the appropriate actions. By doing this, network faults can be detected and even prevented.

The Intelligent Metering Network Management solution provides an end-to-end service management approach with real time monitoring of the wide variety of devices residing on the transmission and distribution networks. The solution integrates service management for multiple devices and networks into a single network operations view, and is highly scalable with the ability to monitor millions of devices.
The solution, which is built on IBM’s Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities (SAFE) industry framework, is being integrated with Trilliant and other business partners’ smart grid communications systems.

According to an IBM statement, the solution is currently being used by CenterPoint Energy to provide real time information regarding the health of its advanced metering computer systems.