British telecommunications company, Vodafone, claims to have saved its customers more than 3.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions through information-sharing enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Global smart grid company Nivis has launched a new wireless networking tool called Cloud Network Operations Centre (NOC), a core component of the Nivis smart object platform.

Cloud NOC is a web-based management tool that leverages cloud computing technologies to support smart objects in scalable wireless mesh networks.

Cloud-based NOC provides a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling the deployment of applications in hosted or cloud environments that automatically scale to meet demand, from the first prototype to field pilot tests and production systems.

Cloud NOC allows integration with IoT-connected smart object devices, remote network management, secure data transport and storage, data visualisation, and export capability.

Web services facilitate integration with external systems, simplifying the development of applications using device data.

Single platform for IoT

Doug Johns, chief executive of Nivis, said: “The Internet of Things has the potential to change our society – how we live and how we do business – but with so many vendors now creating connected products, it can be tricky for users to connect, control, manage, and monitor the wide variety of devices that are available.

“Nivis’ cloud-based NOC platform enables simple and rapid deployment of smart objects for IoT by providing a single web-based platform that can be used with all types of smart objects devices.”

Cloud NOC targets a wide variety of applications ranging from smart metering (electric, water, and gas), smart lighting, and smart city applications to home and office automation, environmental and agricultural monitoring, healthcare, and many more.

The smart object communication package will be offered through Nivis’ distributors and integrators.