Internet of Things: Philips partners with Silicon Valley incubator for intelligent lighting solutions

Silicon Valley's Plug and Play Centre's anchor partners include State Farm, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Munich RE and Philips
Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Centre’s anchor partners include State Farm, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Munich RE and Philips

Dutch electronics and lighting company Philips has partnered with US innovation accelerator – Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Centre in a bid to assist technology start-ups globally to ‘push the boundaries’ of connected lighting for the Internet of Things.

The Californian Plug and Play Tech Centre is a global investor and technology accelerator that focuses on growing tech start-ups. The centre is made up of a network of partners including more than 300 tech start-ups, 180 investors and a community of leading universities and corporate partners.

The Dutch company will filter Internet of Things start-ups that meet Philips’ needs in terms of creating the most innovative solutions in the areas of sensor data, analytics and connected lighting for buildings and smart cities.

According to M2M magazine, “Philips will steer the technology focus toward connected lighting and base experts on-site in Sunnyvale, California, where they will identify and nurture talent, building our capabilities in this rapidly growing [Internet of Things] market.”

Says Olivia Qiu, chief innovation officer at Philips Lighting: “Silicon Valley is pulsing with many promising Internet of Things start-ups. Our partnership with Plug and Play represents our most recent commitment to Open Innovation, a highly collaborative ‘outside-in’ approach that helps us gain new insights.”

Internet of Things Accelerator Pitch Competition

In June, Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Centre hosted a pitch competition in which 20 Internet of Things start-up companies from around the world demonstrated the latest innovation in technologies related to connected health, connected home and connected car.

The 20 companies selected pitched their ideas to an audience of corporate executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, and media.

The pitch competition was the culmination of a three month Plug and Play’s IoT accelerator programme, which is “designed to accelerate each start-up’s journey to market through strategic investment, mentorship, and business development opportunities,” according to a company statement.

Mark Pacelle, senior director of Open Innovation for Philips, said: “Through Plug and Play’s Internet of Things accelerator programme, Philips has worked with some of the most promising startups that will play a central role in the rapid evolution of connected lighting systems.”

“Fuelled by its pervasive deployment and embedded data acquisition a capability, the connected lighting infrastructure is becoming a leading Internet of Things application platform for a broad range of start-ups serving the home, professional indoor and urban spaces.”