Home-Area-Network-wireless-standard-SEP-2Smart grid interoperability company QualityLogic has released the second part of its Smart Energy Profile 2 (SEP 2) test tools, adding metering and mirrored metering functionality.

The company said the first release of the tools issued in April 2014 is being used by customers in North America, Asia and India to test SEP 2, the standard that supports applications for home energy management through IP-supported wired and wireless devices.

James Mater, general manager, Smart Grid at QualityLogic, said: “Our customers are deploying the QualityLogic SEP 2 test tools to validate their implementations for both conformance to the IEEE specification and interoperability with other implementations.”

Mr Mater said SEP 2 pilots are being used in residential appliance smart energy applications, EV charging, residential DR programs, and integration of distributed energy resources.

Staggered release

In December of 2013, QualityLogic introduced its SEP 2 Accelerator Program with a goal of continued development of additional functionality for the SEP 2 Test Tools.

The final release of the tools in early 2015 will include tests for flow reservation and DER.

Industry support

To promote the interoperability for SEP 2, industry bodies ZigBee Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, and HomePlug Alliance created a consortium in October 2011.

The Consortium for Smart Energy Profile 2 focuses on developing consistent test and certification programs across multiple communications media to run SEP 2.

SEP 2 was selected in 2009 by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology as a standard profile for smart energy management in-home devices.

(Pic credit: SDGE)