IoT news: Mueller Systems joins LoRa Alliance; Itron’s IoT platform

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According to Semtech, a founding member of the LoRa Alliance out of the 50 billion objects predicted to be connected to the Internet by 2020 fewer than 10% are predicted to use cellular technology

In the US, North Carolina-based Mueller Systems, provider of advanced metering infrastructure systems has joined the LoRa Alliance, a non-profit organisation focused on the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine applications in a bid to integrate IoT into municipal water infrastructure.

The Mueller Systems’ AMI system, ‘Mi.Net®’, is one example that already makes use of IoT in that it fully automates the meter-reading-to-billing process – linking meters, distribution sites and control devices in a single, highly efficient data network.

Mueller Systems is an affiliate of Mueller Water Products, a US manufacturer and marketer of products and services that are used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water.

Hassan Ali, vice president and general manager of Mueller Systems commented: “By leveraging the Internet of Things, municipalities can transform their water systems into open communications systems enabling them to improve the service they offer their customers and increase the connectivity of all city services.”

The LoRa Alliance is an association comprised of telecom, M2M and integrated solutions providers accelerating the adoption of IoT through the delivery of related products and services.

Its mission is to standardise Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) being deployed globally to enable IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M), and smart city and industrial applications.

Service providers are able to offer interoperable products and services in an open network through the development of standardised communications. The Alliance also allows members to share both knowledge and best practices.

Itron’s IoT platform

Earlier this month, Itron, global technology and services company launched the Itron Riva Developers Community, inviting developers to create applications for its Itron Riva platform.

Itron Riva is a distributed intelligence platform that supports sensing technologies and applications at the device level.

The developers community further accelerates app software development for the Itron Riva platform, and enables an ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The Itron Riva Developers Community will offer developers the tools to prototype, validate and develop IoT applications in the areas of energy and water management, building energy management, smart street lighting and solar monitoring.

Simon Pontin, Itron’s chief technology officer said:” … Engineers, developers and manufacturers will be able to develop, deploy and manage sensing technologies and dynamic applications at the device level.

“[The Developers Community] gives developers access to a robust, secure and programmable platform for true distributed intelligence, creating numerous possibilities for realizing the promise of the IoT to empower smarter utilities and smarter cities.”