ista North America a winner of utility management award


Vito Ciavarelli,
Vice President of
Product Development,
ista North America
Alpharetta, GA, USA — (METERING.COM) — August 12, 2008 – Global residential billing and utility expense management company, ista North America, has been named Top Tech Choice award winner by readers of MultiHousing News magazine.

The award, which recognises providers that represent "the leading edge in serving the multifamily industry" named ista North America "leader in utility management because of its commitment to advanced technologies and superior client service."

"We are honored to be chosen again by the readers of MultiHousing News for the prestigious Tech Choice Award. We are using technology to automate utility billing and Utility Expense Management, and to deliver better, faster, and more sophisticated services to our clients every day. I’m excited about what we have done this year, and even more excited about the new developments on the horizon. I look forward to winning again in 2009!" said Kernie Brashier, EVP of ista North America’s multifamily solutions group.

Vice President of product development, Vito Ciavarelli, updated and upgraded ista’s technological infrastructure at the beginning of 2008, creating the infrastructure needed to provide 100% accurate and timely billing.

"The process for paying bills has been virtually unchanged for several decades–we recognize that the process will significantly benefit from sophisticated technologies, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced reporting and analysis made possible through EnergyCAP," said Vito.

ista is using EnergyCAP software, which provides for accurate forecasting and budgeting of utility costs.  All ista Premier Clients will be transferred on to the EnergyCAP system by September, with all clients to follow shortly thereafter.

The EnergyCAP system will provide for online presentment of utility data including cost, consumption, benchmarking, images of scanned bills and reports.