Italgas selects Itron for end-to-end smart metering solution


Marcel Regnier,
Senior VP and COO,
Itron International
Turin, Italy and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 1, 2010 – Italy’s leading gas supplier, Italgas has awarded an end-to-end smart metering solution contract to Itron.

Over the next two years, Itron will deliver and install an end-to-end solution composed of electronic gas volume converters and GPRS two way communication devices for an estimated 30,000 existing commercial and industrial (C&I) gas meters. In cooperation with Capgemini Itron will also provide associated managed services including meter reading and maintenance.
According to the Italian Smart Meter Directives (AEEG 155/08), Italgas is gradually upgrading its installed metering base in order to provide improved metering through gas converters and by introducing remotely read hourly readings.

Itron products fully comply with the Italian regulatory communication protocol, tariff and specific metering database requirements. In addition, the solution provides interoperability using the DLMS/COSEM protocol and data model, resulting in the certification of the metering system to the latest standards.
The solution – from installation to the transmission of meter data to Italgas – will be performed with software tools designed specifically for this rollout, including an adaptation of Itron’s meter data collection software. Device installation and maintenance will be managed by Itron’s existing field services network, which will be extended to cover this large deployment across Italy.
“We are proud to be part of yet another step forward in rolling out smart metering across Europe,” commented Marcel Regnier, senior vice president and COO, Itron International. “In addition to helping Italgas meet statutory requirements, this solution will also improve their customer service.”

Capgemini will manage the reading and sending of data to Italgas, including a dedicated help desk service. The communication services will be administered by Vodafone, which will provide innovative network management tools via GPRS.