Itron Riva load control high-energy use HVAC system

Metering giant Itron has expanded its new edge intelligence technology Riva to control run times on high-consumption systems such as HVAC, hot water and pool pumps.

The announcement comes during Itron Utility Week taking place in San Antonio, Texas, where the theme of the conference is ‘resourcefulness in action’.

The new addition to Itron Riva offers distributed intelligence to manage load control of high-energy use systems including thermostats, remote terminal units and agriculture irrigation pumps.

Algorithms in action

The technology works by using Cisco’s IPv6 smart grid architecture to intelligently control and optimize run times.

Advanced energy management algorithms allow utilities to increase reliability and dispatch speed while decreasing operating and maintenance costs.

The company confirmed that the technology will bring hundreds of megawatts offline and online without causing regulation issues.

The solution is a part of Itron Riva, which was launched earlier this month, which supports sensing and control technologies and dynamic applications at the device level.

Commenting on the intelligent cycling strategies that randomize event start and end times, and measure results for predictable load shed and load shaping procedures, Jeff Carkhuff, vice president of global solutions marketing for electricity at Itron, said: “As our utility customers face the challenges of aging infrastructure and increased demand, load control has become increasingly important.” 

Being smart with resources

On the subject of saving power, the Itron Utility Week Conference opened yesterday with the promise of an business opportunity – giving companies the tools to go after US$37 billion of wasted electricity, gas and water annually in North America.

The conference continues today and can be watched by live feed.