Itron’s new Idea Labs targets growth of OpenWay Riva platform

In the US, Itron launched a subsidiary organisation this week aimed at increasing IoT partners and applications for the company’s IoT communication platform OpenWay Riva.

The organisation – Itron Idea Labs – will develop new business opportunities in high growth industries and emerging markets that are using the Itron Riva technology, the energy management company confirmed.

Itron Idea Labs will focus on the development and testing of new smart grid and IoT applications, and will engage with customers to identify their business needs.

Itron said the launch of Idea Labs will result in the development of solutions at a faster rate.

Currently, Idea Labs is carrying out the Itron Solar Gate project aimed at optimising solar installations and operations.

The Solar Gate project utilises Itron Riva technology to collect and analyse usage data from solar inverters and electric meters.

Through the Itron Solar Gate project, Idea Labs seeks to increase efficiency and reliability during outage restoration, load balancing and voltage monitoring in a more cost effective manner.

[quote]The project also uses the Riva technology to identify meter’s phase.

Dr. Roberto Aiello, managing director of the Itron Idea Labs, said “We are confident in the growth, efficiency and innovations that Itron Ideas Lab can provide for the industry, bringing the power of IoT faster.”

OpenWay Riva in IoT development

OpenWay Riva is an IoT based technology platform that enables a diverse ecosystem of smart meters, grid devices and distributed assets to communicate and collaborate intelligently at the edge of the network powering better approaches to outage analysis, diversion detection, transformer loading, detection of unsafe grid conditions and integration of renewables.

The launch of Idea Labs follows this week’s launch of the OpenWay Riva.

Simon Pontin, Itron’s chief technology officer, said: “The OpenWay Riva communications platform redefines the smart network. Utilities require a network that does more than collect reams of data for back office analysis.

“The platform enables decision-making at the edge, optimising analytics where they need to happen, enabling utilities to run multiple applications in edge devices, creating capabilities not available before in the industry while opening the door for new revenue opportunities.”