Itron’s DR system aids utilities during record heat wave

Electric Generation

Spokane, WA., USA — (METERING.COM) — August 21, 2006 – Itron Inc., a global technology provider to the utilities industry, has today announced that its web-based Curtailment Manger software was widely used by utilities during the recent record-breaking heat wave, helping to reduce peak demand by 700 MW over the United States.

The software allows utilities to offer an online bidding site where their commercial and industrial customers can commit to energy usage reduction and in turn receive an incentive for their participation.

There were demand response events in California for 13 days in July alone – on July 24th the system peak reached nearly 50,000 megawatts, almost 5,000 MW greater than the system peak in 2005. An emergency event declared in southern California resulted in a 400 MW reduction, and utilities in New York and the Midwest were also able to help prevent rolling blackouts by running curtailment events. Collectively utilities using the Curtailment Manager solution reduced peak demand by more than 700 MW.

Phillip Mezey, Senior Vice President for Itron Software Solutions, added: “Everyone benefits from demand response technology. The utility can avert rolling blackouts and defer building new power plants. C&I customers get paid for participation and the resulting energy demand reduction helps keep prices down for all customers.”