Industrial Internet of Things
The Industrial Internet of Things industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.56% over the next 4 years

US metering giant Itron has launched a new sensing and adaptive communications platform called Itron Riva targeted at smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, in the company’s latest move towards offering holistic energy solutions. 

The technology claims to allow sensing devices and meters to carry their own computing power and customized applications by embedding an operating system and processor.

Based on Cisco’s open standards IPv6 network and IOx fog computing platform, Itron Riva also offers adaptive communications, which determine the best network path, including RF or PLC to optimize communications.

Plug and play infrastructure

Itron Riva uses the Cisco IPv6 multi-application smart grid reference architecture, which was jointly developed with Itron and provides true plug-and-play wireless and wired communication infrastructure for the IoT.

 Its adaptive communications intelligently switches between RF and PLC technologies for the most reliable and fastest communication path.

 This supports a continually expanding set of localized and automated smart grid use cases, including distribution automation, demand response, grid sensing and integration of distributed energy resources.

“From utilities to smart cities and far beyond, Itron Riva harnesses the power of edge intelligence while taking advantage of the plug and play capabilities of Cisco’s open ecosystem, making every system more resourceful than ever before,” said Simon Pontin, Itron’s chief technology officer.

Commenting on the new product, Kip Compton, vice president, Internet of Things (IoT) Systems & Software Group at Cisco, said: “The connectivity of the IoT means more data, gathered from more places, with more ways to increase efficiency and improve safety and security.

“We are proud to work with companies like Itron to create an ecosystem addressing today’s biggest IoT challenges.”