IURPA – Continuing an Upward Path



IURPA – The International Utilities Revenue Protection Association, Inc. is comprised of revenue protection professionals dedicated to sharing information that assists in reducing revenue losses for the benefit of utility companies, customers and stockholders. We are a volunteer organization of men and women from all over the globe, brought together by common interests. Our roster of members hails from North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, India, Africa and Australia. More countries in the Near East and Far East, as well as Eastern European countries such as Romania and the Ukraine, are also showing interest in our activities. Our mission is simple and our focus is direct.

The issue of addressing revenue loss encompasses different scenarios, amongst which is the problem of theft. It is the theft issue that sets revenue protection apart from what is normally perceived as an operating entity within a utility company. Many revenue protection departments go beyond the scope of energy theft to look at losses due to improper metering or wiring, metering malfunction, incorrect billing, employee error and other scenarios that may attribute to revenue losses.

IURPA has been actively involved with Smart Energy International, and will continue to promote awareness in 2003 at the Metering Americas conference, to be held in Chicago in May. The 2002 Metering Americas conference offered a complete package for individuals involved in the metering, billing and information service sectors of our industry. Revenue protection should have a strong influence in these areas for the betterment of the companies they serve. Understanding the benefits of RP programs by those involved in MBIS matters is vital to IURPA members.

Utility personnel and vendors whose responsibilities relate to revenue protection efforts may join IURPA. Members may access restricted areas of the web site that provide a variety of information and contacts. These areas will provide more information to help you promote revenue loss issues, along with sharing information with your peers. A membership certificate is provided along with issues of the IURPA newsletter.

We hope you will consider attending the Metering Americas conference or one of our regional conferences this year (visit our web site www.iurpa.org for more information). You will meet some wonderful people with some interesting information which they enjoy sharing. We also encourage you to consider joining a growing organization focusing on a worldwide effort to reduce revenue losses in the utility sector for the betterment of all.