IURPA News – IURPA enters the new millennium


IURPA News – IURPA enters the new millennium

The new millennium is bringing about change in revenue protection, at utilities and within the International Utility Revenue Protection Association. As your 2000 Chairman, I would like to share our IURPA millennium initiatives.

Last August in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 1999 Chairman Alan Chapman and IURPA officers took action to bring about change. The first change was the approval of Luiz Fernando Arruda, from CEMIG of Brazil, as an IURPA Director serving as liaison from South America. Luiz has been an active IURPA member for many years and we are excited about the expertise he brings to our organisation. Luiz will be addressing commercial energy theft at our next conference. Utilities around the world are being challenged to recover large commercial losses.

IURPA’S officers also approved a new position to the board – Vendor Representative Director. The vendors chose John Rilling, of Universal Protection Corporation. There will be a yearly rotation in an effort to give all vendors an opportunity to participate in decisions and to add value to the board. The new position is intended to provide guidance and leadership from the vendors’ point of view. Just for fun, I have dubbed John and myself ‘The Millennium  Twins’. The vendors offered additional support to IURPA by increasing their membership fee, and we thank them for this.

At the SCRPA Conference held in February 2000, I announced the selection of our first IURPA approved training vendor. IURPA is pleased to have Arnett Consulting Services as our training vendor on the topics of detection and recovery of lost revenue. Training for utility personnel has been a concern to the IURPA membership for some time. Three members were sent to critique an Arnett training class in Mobile, Alabama and their findings were evaluated and found to meet IURPA standards of content, delivery and presentation. Arnett will show no favoritism for any one vendor product.

The IURPA Newsletter has not been published for about a year now, and we are about to resume publishing with the help of Covey & Koons, Inc. an advertising, marketing and public relations firm out of Canton Ohio. Hopefully by the time you read this article the IURPA newsletter will be on your desk. We intend to publish twice a year with new plans and ideas to better serve our members. A newsletter providing valuable information is only as good as the facts, data and stories shared by our readers. Please support our efforts in revenue protection and recovery by e-mailing your newsworthy stories, lessons learned or your updates on deregulation to eric@iurpa.org.

On June 13th through 16th 2000 in Altamonte Springs, just north of Orlando, Florida USA, IURPA will be holding our next conference in conjunction with the Southeast Revenue Protection Association. Jeff Cornelius of Peace River Electric and a staff of many others promise an informative and productive conference. On the afternoon of the 13th Arnett
Consulting will hold intermediate training classes for investigators. For additional
information check www.iurpa.org.