US utility plans deployment of DR pilot


The utility serves residents of Jacksonville city in Florida and is expected to kickstart the pilot, SmartSavings, from March this year.

The utility’s DR programme will include the introduction of Time-of-Use energy pricing whereby customers of JEA will pay more for using electricity during times when power demand on the grid network is high.

The pilot project is designed to help customers of JEA to become more energy efficient through the use of appliances which use less energy.

Rollout of demand response pilot project

According to a local publication, the pilot programme will be implemented in phases with only 150 customers of JEA participating in the first phase.

The first phase of the project will focus on customer engagement, communication and experience. The first phase is expected to be deployed through to the end of 2017.

Participants will be charged $3.75/KW during off-peak periods and $4.90/KW when power demand is high.

The second phase of the trial project will include 2,000 participants and will focus on gathering data on customer behaviour and load changes to draft a set of rates for all customers of JEA.

Under the demand response pilot project, peak periods will begin at 12 noon through to 7pm in summer and from 6am until 9am during winter.

[quote] The successful rollout of the two pilot phases will result in the full-scale deployment of SmartSavings as from 2019.

The decision to implement the demand response pilot project falls under efforts by JEA to save energy and avoid investing in new projects for construction of new energy generation facilities.

Commenting on the development, Paul McElroy, CEO of JEA, said: “A demand rate can provide residential customers more control over their bill by managing what appliances they use and when they use them, thereby reducing their use of the grid itself.”

Smart grid achievements

In related news, Florida state-based utility firm FPL was in the second quarter of 2016 announced as the recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for the development of its predictive smart grid tool.

FPL uses its smart grid infrastructure to acquire, process and make use of some smart meter data retrieved from 4.8 million metering points equipped with smart meters.

The smart meter data enables FPL to predict and in some cases prevent power outages.

Eric Silagy,  CEO of FPL, said: “… should an outage occur, its smart meters help the utility to reduce the impact to customers. This enables FPL to provide improved reliability in good weather and bad.” Read more…