Kauai institutes rolling blackouts after island-wide outage


Hawaii’s Kauai’Island Utility Cooperative have claimed that a cable failure caused it’s Kapaia generator to trip on Sunday, leading to an island-wide power outage.

The unit is expected the operational by 26 July.

The problem was exacerbated due to several smaller generating units being down for maintenance and repairs at the time.

On Monday morning 21 July, 10,000 resident in Kekaha to Princeville experienced rolling outages between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

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““We’ve made good progress today in returning one of our Port Allen diesel generators back into service, and the Green Energy Team biomass plant is now capable of operating up to full capacity,” said David Bissell, KIUC’s president and chief executive officer on July 22nd, with another expected to arrive from the mainland on Tuesday 23 July.

It’s estimated that the affected generation unit will be up and running by week’s end. Users can expect at least four hours of power followed by an outage no more than 30 minutes, the utility said, but also noted an approaching storm that could reduce productivity from solar power resources.

Residents can read updates on the utilityʻs Facebook page.