Keeping up with technology is a full-time job


As you read this issue of Smart Energy International and you marvel at the latest and greatest technologies in metering, and convince your respective companies to incorporate these new devices into your territories, please remember one thing.

Someone somewhere is working on a way to defeat the system. No, I’m not paranoid – maybe a bit cynical – but rest assured, someone will make the attempt. I can also guarantee that the revenue protection professionals that belong to IURPA are thinking the same thing, but will be going a step beyond…working out how to detect what the criminal has conceived.

Going back to my law enforcement background, we got radar guns to detect speeders. So radar detectors were invented. Police went to ‘instant on’ to thwart the detectors. Some states made radar detectors illegal, so they invented the ‘radar detector detector’ otherwise known as VG-2. Next, radar detectors incorporate radar detector detector detection… I guess it will never stop.

Well, IURPA will never stop either. We share ideas with each other at our regional conferences. Let me tell you what has been on the agendas to ensure our members stay one step ahead.

Topics at the Midwest Energy Theft Association included Data Mining – How to Find Opportunities; Fighting E-Commerce Fraud; Social Security Fraud; Rules of Evidence; Forensic Photography; and Gas & Water Revenue Protection Issues.

The joint conference hosted by the South Central Revenue Protection Association and the Southern Utilities Revenue Protection Association featured Metering and Technology; Justification of a Revenue Protection Programme; Thinking outside of the Box (an in-depth view of data mining to ensure your Customer Information System is in synch with what is really out in the field); Back Billing Techniques; AMR and Advanced Metering Research; and Transformer Rated Metering as related to Revenue Protection.

The Annual IURPA conference was held with the Western States Utility Theft Association. Speakers from the United Kingdom and Israel provided an international view on revenue protection. Attendees also received certification in calculating for lost revenues and commercial/industrial utility theft issues.

The Northeast Utilities Revenue Protection Association conference is scheduled for September 29 through October 1 2004.

By working together, we can ensure that our respective companies will be able to incorporate the latest technologies and stay ahead of the game.