Canadian utility to modernise distribution system with $2.9m investment

Lakefront Utilities filed a proposal with the Ontario Energy Board to upgrade its energy distribution system in Colborne over the next five years.

In a press statement, the energy distributor said it plans to spend up to CAD$4 million ($2.9 million) in modernising its energy distribution infrastructure under efforts to reduce operational and grid maintenance costs.

Lakefront Utilities will invest CAD$1,350,000 ($986,715) towards the replacement of two substations with smart grid models to ‘accommodate future load growth’ and improve the reliability of its energy distribution.

The two 4KV substations are expected to be completed in the next 12 months.

Lakefront Utilities president Dereck Paul said in a release. “As there are only two stations in Colborne, is it critical to keep these assets in excellent working condition and help mitigate any extended lead times on equipment due to unexpected failure. The two projects involve completely rebuilding the substations which will enhance the reliability of Lakefront’s distribution system in Colborne and enable remote connection to Lakefront’s SCADA system.”

The $4 million investment will cover the replacement of distribution assets including transformers, conductors, poles, feeder cables and the utility’s wholesale metering system between 2017 and 2021.

“These projects are of high priority to Lakefront,” added Paul.

The projects fall under efforts by the utility to reduce the occurrence of power outages and costs of services for its customers.

Lakefront Utilities provide energy services to some 10,000 residential and commercial customers in the Canadian towns of Cobourg and Colborne.


Meanwhile, the Canadian Department of Energy and Innovacorp have made $700,000 available to researchers and early-stage businesses to develop sustainable energy solutions.

According to Canada’s Herald News, “Green Power Labs and SUNLINX will receive $500,000 to work with Nova Scotia Power and other key partners to integrate solar power and energy storage in a single building, controlled by smart software and Internet communications.”

“Our predictive energy management technology, in combination with on-site generation and storage, will deliver major savings in building energy use and advance sustainable energy solutions for Nova Scotians,” said Alexandre Pavlovski, president and CEO of Green Power Labs Inc.

Recipients of the funds will work to develop sustainable energy solutions and commercialise them, bringing these solutions to market. Read more…

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