Large-scale audit ordered on windy city water utility

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Illinois, USA — (METERING.COM) — July 6, 2006 – Scott Rubin, a water utility expert hired by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, today recommended that the Illinois Commerce Commission should conduct a comprehensive audit of the German-owned water utility, Illinois American.

The recommendation, a result of testimony into the private water company’s allegedly inflated bills sent to customers following last summer’s drought, points to apparent flaws in its billing, metering and customer service operations.

Commenting on the forthcoming audit, Illinois American general manager Fred Ruckman said: “At this early stage of the regulatory process, it is premature to give validity to Mr. Rubin’s testimony until his allegations are properly challenged as allowed by the Illinois Commerce Commission”.

Illinois American is the largest private water supplier in the state, and through its supply from Lake Michigan provided water services for over 260,000 customers.