Law promoting vehicle-to-grid signed in Delaware


Governor Jack
Markell, Delaware
Wilmington, DE, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 30, 2009 – Delaware governor Jack Markell has signed legislation into law that creates incentives for Delawareans who take advantage of emerging vehicle-to-grid technology and puts the state in position to be a leader in the vehicle-to-grid electric vehicle industry.

Senate Bill 153 ensures that owners of electric cars receive energy credits for power their vehicles return to the electricity grid, similarly to the way homeowners with solar panels or wind turbines already do.

“Delaware must have a public policy that places sustainability at the forefront of our economic development efforts,” said Markell during the signing ceremony. “This focus will create jobs and opportunity for Delaware residents and companies.”  
After the signing ceremony, the first traditional, fuel-powered vehicle converted into an electric vehicle at local automotive processing and modification facility, AutoPort, rolled off the assembly line and was delivered to Pepco.