Georgia Port Authority to reduce energy costs with new LED lights


Georgia Ports Authority is responsible for the operation of port facilities in the US state of Georgia. According to a statement, Bright Light Solutions will provide and install for GPA some 400 NOVA series LED lights with intelligent sensors at the authority’s 200 acre Ocean port terminal.

The LED lights will replace existing high-pressure sodium bulbs and are expected to help GPA reduce energy and maintenance costs by 70%.

The new LED lights will be integrated with the Bright Light Management System, a cloud based energy management and data analytics technology which will allow GPA to remotely monitor the energy consumption patterns of its lighting system.

The application will also enable GPA to remotely control the LED lights in line with the department’s energy efficiency targets and weather conditions.

Griff Lynch, executive director of GPA, commented: “This new computer-controlled LED system is a great solution, providing superior lighting while reducing our costs and shrinking GPA’s environmental footprint.

“This investment is part of the Authority’s commitment to responsible, sustainable growth.”

Smart LED lights and services

The news follows an announcement made in early July by the city of Chelmsford in the UK of the installation of some six smart DigiStreet LED streetlights developed by Phillips.

The DigiStreets LED streetlights were installed under a pilot programme being deployed by the Essex County Council for its member cities, creates Wi-Fi hotspots, have sensors to measure pollution levels and can be used to guide and control driverless vehicles.

Essex County is made up of more than 70 cities and municipalities and has deployed over 10,000 smart streetlights since the launch of its LED streetlights pilot in 2015 under efforts to reduce energy costs.

The council is set to install an additional 32,000 LED streetlights.

Councillor Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of Essex County Council, said: We are taking advantages of new technology to create the potential for Smart Cities which will use technology to improve the quality of life for our residents.

“New technology allows us to offer residents more, for less, and supports our ambition to embrace technology to give resident and businesses the quality of life and work they aspire to.

“If the trial is successful, the options for these ‘smart’ street lights are almost limitless going forward.” Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.