US city to install energy efficient LED streetlights


According to a local publication, the city’s utility division will implement a $1.6 million energy efficiency programme which includes the replacement of existing streetlights with energy efficient LED models.

The project will allow the installation of some 4,000 LED streetlights and will be deployed in partnership with electrical equipment supplier Crescent Electric in 2017.

The project will also include the installation of a wireless control system for remote and real-time management and operation of the LED streetlights.

The wireless control system will be supplied by General Electric and will enable the city to dim or brighten streetlights according to prevailing weather conditions.

The streetlights control system will also remotely notify operators in the event of a damaged bulb.

The project is expected to return savings of up to $400,000 a year. The LED streetlights will also be equipped with meters to measure how much energy they consume.

LED streetlights deployment

In related news, according to a report issued by global energy market research firm Northeast Group, the streetlight market is forecasted to be the next wave in IoT investment.

Northeast Group said it projects that over the course of the next decade, cities and municipalities will transition to LED streetlights in deploying smart city and energy efficiency projects. which will reach a penetration rate of 89% by 2026.

In a press statement, the research firm said investments in the energy efficient LED streetlights market will reach $69.5 billion over the next decade. [New York announces energy efficiency budget for municipalities].

The penetration rate of LED streetlights is predicted to reach 89% by 2026 and cities and municipalities will also network 42% of the streetlights to make them “smart.”

Many large deployments are already underway across the Americas, Europe and Asia – including projects in countries as diverse as India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Vietnam.


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