Lock system protects residential water and gas meters


Irving, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 13, 2007 – Abloy Security, Inc. has announced the launch of the new SHUT-OUT® Defender – a high security solution for residential water and gas revenue control. This new product was designed and built to protect residential water and gas utility service and revenues.

Residential theft from water and gas utilities continues to be a matter of concern. In working with utility companies, Abloy Security has designed the SHUT-OUT Defender to secure revenues by preventing redirection of piping to bypass residential meters. The SHUT-OUT Defender fits snugly over the meter coupling nut, defending against theft and delivering maximum asset security. Constructed of hardened steel, the SHUT-OUT Defender features a high security ABLOY® cylinder with steel body and hardened steel, chrome plated face.

The materials and surface treatments used by ABLOY guarantee a superior level of corrosion resistance of both the visible parts of each lock and the internal parts. ABLOY locks are recommended for all types of weather, ranging from freezing to coastal environments, since all component parts are highly resistant to wear, dirt, moisture, corrosion and freezing. The spring free construction prevents the locks from jamming and ensures smooth operation.

With high resistance to physical attack and tampering, ABLOY provides dependable durability even when used in harsh environmental conditions. Patented key control with the ABLOY EXEC key series restricts key duplication to authorized personnel. Coupled with the ABLOY systems’ extensive master-keying possibilities, this provides for a secure and operationally convenient system. ABLOY locks are widely used by utilities, government and national transportation organizations.

Abloy Security, Inc. is a GSA contractor and offers a complete range of maximum security locking solutions to fit the varied requirements of the utility industry. Additional solutions designed for these markets include the ABLOY® PL Series Padlocks, ABLOY® Door Locks, ABLOY® SMARTDISC (electromechanical locks), and SHUT-OUT® Puck Locks and Hasps.