LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite


The LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite (CCS) is a comprehensive suite of applications developed to help energy companies drive costs down and increase efficiency in critical business operations. Our technology, a result of over 25 years of experience, was developed exclusively for the energy industry. This technology combined with our Energy Information Platform provides our clients with the most flexible and scalable solution that easily adapts to future business practices or evolving industry standards.

LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite’s underlying framework, the LODESTAR Energy Information Platform (EIP) has a powerful advantage over other software in the market. The LODESTAR EIP is a robust data management tool that allows for accurate and quick import, storage, organization and validation of large amounts of complex usage data. This integrated framework allows company-wide access to relevant and critical data which streamlines business operations resulting in less errors, faster decisions, improved service and revenue cycle management.

The LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite Applications:

  • LODESTAR Energy Information Platform – The foundation for energy companies information management and IT strategy.  
  • LODESTAR’s message-based Adapter – provides tight integration between LODESTAR applications and standards-based middleware products such as SeeBeyond, TIBCO and Web Methods.      
  • BillingExpert – A cost-effective billing solution that provides the flexibility and accuracy necessary to handle any billing scenario, from simple to complex, in all markets.      
  • Financial Management Extension with Collections – A fully integrated receivables, financial transactions and collections management solution.      
  • PricingExpert – Pricing solution that quickly and accurately creates, calculates and processes the most complex pricing structures.      
  • ContractExpert – Robust solution to initiate, tailor, approve, execute and amend contracts for end-user and third party customers.      
  • RateExpert – An automated system that integrates business functions and improves accuracy, timeliness, and competitive response of rate pricing, design and analysis.      
  • LODESTAR Portfolio Management – Comprehensive solution that links the retail sales book to wholesale procurement book to allow complete assessment of exposure for price/load forecasts.      
  • LODESTAR Transaction Management Hub – A complete transaction management solution built to enable cost-effective transaction management between energy market participants.      
  • LODESTAR ForecastExpert – A robust, web-based forecasting product that manages the creation, review, tuning and publication of forecasts.
  • LODESTAR Profile & Settlement System – A web-based solution to allow users to execute settlement, forecasting, data aggregation, profiling and financial market settlements.      
  • LodeStar – The most extensive and power load research solution available that provides the tools to collect, manage, analyze and store large volumes of energy data.      
  • LODESTAR Meter Data Management Solutions – A flexible and scalable meter data management solution that provides accurate, timely, and detailed meter data.