LODESTAR Profile & Settlement System


Few vendors understand how important accurate aggregation is to your business. LODESTAR software is used to profile and settle over 50% of the competitive energy markets in the United States. LPSS is known for being the fastest and most accurate aggregator of consumption and financial data available. LPSS provides you the tools to validate, edit, estimate, and aggregate usage data to forecast and settle with retailers and suppliers. 


  • Robust Validation Engine: Validates all meter data as it enters the LODESTAR Data Repository to ensure that accurate and clean data are used for calculations.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Performs complex calculations efficiently and accurately on interval data.
  • Flexibility: Supports all the industry standards for data format protocols, automated information flows and systems integration. LPSS will adapt quickly to market changes and will ease entry into new markets.
  • Multiple Load Profiling Methods: Used for settlement, such as Proxy Day, Templates, Dynamic Load Profiling, Regression Modeling and Actual Metered Loads.
  • Web-enabled: Gives access to data and customized, user-defined reports for Interval Data Analysis and Reporting.
  • Reduce resources / Save time and money: Automate your entire market- settlement process thus reducing the number of resources required.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable and capable of calculating settlement routines for tens of millions of service points daily.