Longest life, lowest power loss lithium battery unveiled


Energy management firm Humless has announced its new lithium iron phosphate battery which they claim offers the longest life and minimum power loss than any similar lithium battery on the market today.

The 5KWh/4,000 cycle battery is expected to revolutionise consumer home solar energy storage and reduce the impacts of blackouts on utility customers.

Traditional lead-acid chemistries suffer from “memory” issues which degrade charge capacity over time. If not recharged, they may lose significant charge without even being used. Lithium Iron Phosphate has far less memory issues and holds a charge better over time.

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The new battery features advanced protection from over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and temperature variations, according to a statement.

Glenn Jakins, CEO for Humless, said: “We’ve worked hard to perfect this energy storage product.

“Our product testing has been rigorous to assure that we provide the longest life, safest and most reliable energy for residential, emergency, or commercial use. We have minimized battery cycling and operating temperatures while maximising depth of discharge (DoD) and the greatest universal compatibility.

 “Lithium iron phosphate batteries have many characteristics that make them superior to other battery technologies. They are lightweight and versatile. They have a long lifespan [up to 10x more] and a fast recharge rate. They can also withstand cold, heat, collision, and mishandling during charging and discharging without risk of combustion… With electrodes made of non-toxic materials, lithium iron phosphate batteries pose far less risk to the environment than lead-acid batteries. They can also be recycled.”