LoRaWAN Academy: standard-based LPWAN University programme launched


The LoRaWAN Academy, a comprehensive and global university programme has been launced by leading technology companies with a view to equipping universities with out-of-the-box, state of the art LoRaWAN networks; educating next-gen engineers to develop and operate real-world IoT applications and advancing LoRaWAN standard-based IoT research.

Technology companies involved include Kerlink, LoRa Alliance, Microchip Technology, myDevices, Semtech Corporation, and The Things Network.

[quote]The Academy includes a 10-week self-paced online course, as well as LoRaWAN network packages and an IoT network infrastructure for hands-on training and design. The online facility includes video lectures, supplemental reading materials, hands-on assignments, and access to peers in a global LoRaWAN forum.

The intention is to provide “established university engineering programmes with the coursework, network equipment, development kits, software, and other tools to effectively teach students/participants about LoRaWAN protocol-based LPWANs and applications. Coursework is developed in conjunction with support from Semtech Corporation, the developer of LoRa devices and wireless RF technology (LoRa Technology), and other members of the LoRa Alliance that scaled the international adoption of the LoRaWAN protocol.”

At the end of the programme, students can use the LoRaWAN hardware kits and network infrastructure to build real-world IoT applications to apply their learnings.

LoRaWAN Academy corporate sponsors

Corporate Sponsors of the LoRaWAN Academy include companies within the LPWAN supply chain, each offering specific expertise regarding LoRa Technology and the LoRaWAN open specification, giving students a well-rounded and robust learning experience.

  • Kerlink is contributing outdoor Wirnet iBTS Compact gateways and indoor Wirnet iFemtoCell gateways.
  • LoRa Alliance offers universities complimentary membership and access to the global open LoRaWAN standard.
  • Microchip Technology is supplying all development kits for students and researchers.
  • myDevices is making available Cayenne, an IoT prototyping and solution builder platform which enables faster integration plus visualisation of LoRaWAN connected devices.
  • Semtech oversees the curriculum and coursework development and its technical experts are contributors to the in-depth content about wireless RF technology. Additionally, the company is hosting the LoRaWAN Academy website and sponsoring associated learning portals.
  • The Things Network gives the universities access to a highly secure, Cloud-based, private LoRaWAN network server. The company additionally built the curriculum and created and curated the coursework.

“Giving the next generation of developers an understanding of LPWAN technology and the foundational skills for the real world offers them a solid start in their professional life,” said Charles Paumelle, Co-chair of the LoRa Alliance Marketing Committee. “The LoRaWAN Academy will deliver this, giving students and professors access to a vibrant and dynamic professional network. It will also offer participants the opportunity for mentoring from the 500+ members of the fastest-growing IoT standards alliance.”