Louisville Gas and Electric trials mesh network solution


Louisville, KY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 24, 2007 – Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E), a subsidiary of E.ON U.S. with over 700,000 customers, will trial Trilliant Networks’ AMI mesh network solution to test the idea that consumers who can easily access information on energy use and cost will shift their consumption patterns. Trilliant Networks, Inc. is a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) based on open standards.

LG&E’s initiative is known as the ‘Responsive Pricing and Smart Meter’ pilot program. It will be opened to 2000 residential and small commercial volunteer customers and encompasses gas and electric metering, energy conservation tools and in-premise displays, and will examine the extent to which they use the information to take advantage of varying energy prices. Customers who choose to reduce usage during the high-cost, high-peak load periods, through direct action or preconfigured set points, will see an overall reduction in their electric bill.

"LG&E’s proposed responsive pricing pilot program will incorporate time-of-use pricing with a real-time, critical peak pricing component; smart metering and information displays; and a demand side management component for those customers who choose to participate in responsive pricing," said Greg Fergason, demand-side management program manager for E.ON U.S. "The implementation of this variable rate structure will be possible through the use of smart meters, information displays and DSM equipment such as programmable thermostats and load control switches.

"Automation of the usage of these loads will allow pilot participants to shift usage without manual intervention on a daily basis. Indeed, our investigation for the pilot indicates that using such technology has been successful, resulting in high customer satisfaction and significant shifting of usage from hours of high demand."

The integrated solution includes the Trilliant Networks AMI Mesh Network, intelligent communications modules enabling smart electric and gas meters, home area network (HAN) devices and hosted software applications. The HAN includes smart thermostats, remote appliance controllers and an in-home display device that provides usage data obtained from the electric meter (peer-to-peer application). Trilliant Networks bases its mesh wireless technology on the global 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 standards.