Lower power polyphase energy measurement IC


Analog Devices, a leading supplier of high performance energy measurement ICs, has released the ADE7752A – a low power, high performance polyphase energy metering IC optimised for energy meter design with stepper motor display. The lower power consumption of the ADE7752A compared to its predecessor ADE7752 reduces total design cost for a capacitor-based power supply design. The parts are functionally and pin-to-pin compatible. 

Compatible with a wide range of three-phase grid configurations, including direct connect and transformer operated, 3-wire and 4-wire distribution, it can be used in three-phase commercial and industrial revenue meters or submeters, three-phase motors or generators, and industrial control and utility automation applications. The ADE7752A achieves superior accuracy, with less than 0.1% linearity error over a dynamic range of 500 to 1, and operates with a single 5 V power supply. Accelerated life expectancy of 60 years and tight manufacturing qualifications ensure continuous performance of meters built with ADE ICs.