Lowest cost smart meters and AMI solutions from Glen Canyon


Dr. John Heibel,
CEO, Glen Canyon
Scotts Valley, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 11, 2012 – The NEXGEN family of products for the smart meter and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) market has been announced by Glen Canyon Corporation, addressing the high initial cost and total cost of ownership and the complexity of installation.

The NEXGEN smart meters are at the cost of mechanical meters and they eliminate capital costs for networking and data management by using existing networks and cloud-based storage and application software. For elimination of up-front costs completely, the company is also introducing the Virtual AMI (V-AMI) AMI-as-service business model.

“We are eliminating the cost and complexity barriers to smart meter and AMI adoption by enabling utilities to have smart meter and AMI functionality at the cost of a mechanical meter,” said chief executive officer Dr. John Heibel. “Coupled with Virtual AMI, NEXGEN will revolutionize the AMI marketplace.”

The NEXGEN solution requires only the purchase of low cost IEC or ANSI/DOE compliant NEXGEN smart meters. There is no additional cost for creating the wide area network (WAN) back haul infrastructure because the end-to-end solution uses existing cellular or Ethernet networks. Further MDMS software acquisition and maintenance costs are eliminated because the NEXGEN software runs in the cloud and is easily accessed by utilities through no cost web based applications.

With V-AMI, no capital outlay is required for smart meters or other network items. Instead, utilities pay a monthly fee per meter that is comparable to the cost of a manual meter read.

The NEXGEN smart meters, gateways and cloud applications are expected to be available at the end of Q1 2012.