Managing electric meters efficiently


23 April 2009 – Northeastern REMC is in its final stages of replacing all current meters with a new AMI equipped meter.

"Cost savings and quality of service are two primary drivers of this project," said company CEO, Gregg Kiess.

Through the digital technology, tracking electricity usage is instantaneous. Until now, meter readers would collect information once a month. With the new meters, data will be electronically transferred to workers hour by hour, every day.

Because of this technology, meter readers will be job title of the past. That doesn’t mean anyone is losing their job at Northeastern. Officials said anyone holding that position will be reassigned within the company.

The unit’s efficiency can help customers understand how much electricity they use daily. If customers are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, the data can give them an idea of where to trim.

"It helps us solve high bill complaints. It helps us work with the homeowner to figure out why their usage may be up in certain periods of the day," said Kiess.

According to officials, the meters will also help against long term outages. If something goes wrong, the meter will alert workers before homeowners may even notice.

This technology won’t reduce customer’s monthly bill right off the bat. Officials say this is a solution to keep costs where they are now for the long term.