Maxwell Technologies announces PC-10 Ultracapacitor for enhanced backup power for enterprise storage


Michael Liedtke,
Vice President,
Business Development,
Sales & Marketing,
Maxwell Technologies
22 October 2009 – Maxwell Technologies Inc. yesterday announced the availability of its PC-10 ultracapacitor with proprietary electrode for enhancing the reliability of backup power in enterprise storage, powering smart utility meters, and benefiting a variety of other industrial applications.

Roughly the size of a postage stamp and able to efficiently store power and distribute it immediately, the PC-10 provides up to 10 years or more of reliable data protection for high-performance solid-state drives (SSD) and non-volatile memory modules in enterprise storage systems in the event of power disruptions while reducing the overall cost of ownership and environmental impacts of conventional battery solutions.

The PC-10 can also be used in automated utility meters as part of the smart grid, enabling utility companies to prioritize which individual buildings should come back up following a power outage. The PC-10 can also aid in load-sharing arrangements, powering meters to transmit data from residences that have agreed to lower their energy use during peak periods.

“In enterprise backup storage applications, ultracapacitors are a much more reliable option than the traditional Lithium-ion, nickel and alkaline batteries commonly used today,” said Michael Liedtke, Maxwell’s vice president for sales, marketing and business development. “Ultracapacitors eliminate the need for replacing a battery in enterprise storage devices every year and conducting performance tests.”

“In smart utility meters, the PC-10 guarantees the meter will keep transmitting information if power is shut down to the area,” Liedtke said.

Developed for mass commercial use over the past decade, ultracapacitors store energy in an electric field rather than through the chemical reactions of conventional batteries. With an extremely high energy density thousands of times greater than standard capacitors, ultracapacitors provide an independent, instantly available source of power unaffected by temperature, shock, overcharging, and millions of discharging/recharging cycles. They require no maintenance or special recycling.

In addition to improved reliability, the PC-10’s proprietary electrode provides tighter capacitance and resistance control for more precise charging times and more efficient discharge. The PC-10 product comes in straight lead, 90-degree and 270-degree bent lead versions to fit a variety of different PCBA layout and space requirements. The PC-10’s unique prismatic design makes it the only product for thin, high-energy applications and fits into a DRAM memory module form factor.

Maxwell’s PC-10 ultracapacitors also offer benefits in automotive subsystems, wireless transmission, medical devices, and many other applications requiring a pulse of energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or power supply alone.

Maxwell Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Its BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in consumer and industrial electronics, transportation and telecommunications. Maxwell sustainably manufactures its ultracapacitors which are fully recyclable as well. For more information, please visit