McDonald’s releases PLT animal-free burger, with free side order of irony


The PLT, short for ‘Plant, Lettuce, Tomato’ aims to appeal to a vegetarian or sustainably-minded fast-food fan, as it contains no meat products, and boasts a carbon footprint lower than many traditional offerings from the global franchise chain.

Its release follows on the hot on the hocks of competitor Burger King’s meat-alternative ‘Impossible Whopper’ also based on Beyond Meat’s pea-proteins.

The new sandwich will be trialled over 12 weeks at 29 restaurants across Ontario, Canada.

McDonald’s has warned vegans and other strict vegetarians that the PLT will be cooked on the same grill as meat and eggs, making it unsuitable for strict adherence to the lifestyle choice, which is bound to leave some doubting the validity of the exercise, but McDonald’s has noted that if the trial should prove successful, the burger could be made a permanent part of the menu.

As a bonus side-portion of irony, the chain has also recently admitted that its new line of “sustainable” paper-based straws cannot be recycled, whereas its previous plastic ones could be.

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