MDM offers scalability to 100 million smart meters


New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 27, 2011 – Performance testing results of AMT-SYBEX’s Affinity Meterflow meter data management (MDM) application using IBM Informix TimeSeries software has demonstrated the capability to offer linear scalability up to 100 million meters to load and process meter data at 30-minute intervals in less than 8 hours.

The time required for 10 million meters took less than 36 minutes.

The benchmark, which was conducted last month, achieved daily billing calculations of 21,000 bills per minute while concurrently running the data load.

The average throughput exceeded 420,000 records per second in meter data load using standard storage disks. Due to the consolidation and organization of the timestamped data by Informix TimeSeries, the total storage required for 1 month of interval and register data for 100 million meters was less than 4 terabytes.

Further, the daily end-to-end processing times remained constant for 100 million meters over a 31 day period, irrespective of the amount of data stored, and the storage requirements remained linear over time.

“In summary, the benchmark results show that Informix TimeSeries software is able to break the bottleneck of massive meter data management and deliver significant business benefits to utility organizations,” states the study.

If smart meters are to achieve their potential to provide real time actionable intelligence, the central challenge is in achieving high enough speeds to load and validate data using an MDM application into a database, which can then enable any required data analysis and reporting in order to generate, for example, billing.

In 2006, load and validate rates of between 20,000 and 40,000 transactions per second were reported by Itron using its MDM platform, working with both Oracle and SQL Server Databases, and in May 2011 Itron reported peak load rates of 47,500 per second in a new benchmarking series. Oracle announced an achievement of 1 billion load and validate transactions per hour (277,777 transactions per second) in August 2011, achieving a ten-fold improvement based upon its own MDM application.

The current benchmark, with a performance of 420,000 load and validate transactions per second whilst concurrently calculating monthly bills, represents a further 51 percent acceleration.