Measurement Canada accreditation for Sonix gas meters


Rob Ennis, VP
Marketing, Sensus
North American Gas
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 14, 2010 – Measurement Canada accreditation to verify and seal the Sonix®600 and Sonix®880 meters prior to shipping has been gained by Sensus’ DuBois, PA manufacturing plant – a manufacturing improvement that will save gas utilities both time and money, the company has announced.

The Sonix products are the first single-path ultrasonic meters approved by Measurement Canada for custody transfer.

This accreditation to verify and seal the meters at the factory means that Canadian gas utilities can now install meters right out of the box, said Rob Ennis, VP of marketing for Sensus North American Gas. “By incorporating the verification and sealing into the manufacturing of the meter, deployment becomes more efficient and the total landed product cost to the customer is significantly reduced.”

Gas meters installed in Canada must be designed, approved, verified, and sealed according to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and Regulations. Once the meter is approved, every meter being installed must be verified and sealed prior to being put into service.
The road to becoming accredited to verify and seal Sonix meters began years ago when Sensus began working with Measurement Canada and the Canadian Gas Association to develop standards to approve the meter. This collaboration yielded policies and procedures used to inspect, verify, and seal the meters.

The Sonix 600 and Sonix 880 meters are distributed in Canada by KTI Limited.