Boston utilities select Survalent to manage power distribution


In a press statement, the firm said it deployed its SCADA system in power distribution networks operated by the Middleton Electric Light Department (MELD) and Peabody Municipal Light Plant (PMLP).

PMLP, the third largest of 40 municipal utilities in Massachussetts deployed the system to modernise its grid.

The utility said it selected Survalent’s technology due its low cost in installation and maintenance.

[quote] MELD said it chose to implement SCADA technology to have real time insight into the status of the grid to be able to boost network efficiency.

Steve Strauss, regional vice president at Survalent Technology, commented: “When utilities are community-owned, there is a remarkable dedication to running the most efficient network possible, and delivering reliable power, with great service, all at the lowest cost.” [Colorado utility coop commissions new SCADA system].

Power distribution management

The news follows the selection of the technology by 300 utilities in the US and over 500 world power companies.

Last week, US power utility Southern Pine Electric  also said that it collaborated with Survalent for the rollout of a smart grid project.

Under the terms of the partnership, the electric cooperative serving 66,000 customers in Mississippi will deploy Survalent’s SCADA technology to improve its management of grid network.

The project falls under efforts by the Southern Pine Electric to modernise its grid.

In a press statement, the utility firm said it hopes the technology will provide real-time insights on grid status for improved customer services.

The power distribution company added that it will use the solution to provide low cost electricity to its members.

Jay Montgomery, design and protection engineer at Southern Pine, said: “We want to use the latest tools and equipment available to allow a quick response to an outage. Using Survalent SCADA System integrated in our existing Outage Management System (OMS) along with receiving email and text notifications presents an outage to our personnel as soon as they occur.”


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