Merger highlights importance of clean energy and storage integration


The American Clean Power Association (ACP) and the US Energy Storage Association (ESA) are set to merge into a single organisation aimed at combining the power of the two technologies to address renewables fluctuation, meet demand and drive environmental sustainability.

The planned merger between the largest clean energy and energy storage associations in America highlights the increasing importance of integrating renewables and storage for grid reliability and to achieve energy transition and decarbonisation goals.

The boards of directors of ACP and ESA have voted in favor of the merger, which is expected to come into effect on January 1, 2022 once approval from other relevant parties is achieved.

Combining the staff, programmes, members, and expertise of the two associations will “further position the renewable energy and storage industries for success as they move into a decade of transformative growth,” according to a statement.

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Jim Murphy, Chairman of the board for ACP, said: “Energy storage is foundational to a cleaner energy future for the country.

“Joining together with ESA strengthens the unified voice of the clean power industry as we continue to transform the US power grid to a low-cost, reliable and renewable power system.”

Kiran Kumaraswamy, Chairman of the Board for ESA, adds: “Our Board sees the merger with ACP as a powerful new chapter for our industry and a pathway to achieving 100GW of new energy storage by 2030.

“The ESA Board of Directors is confident that a merger will elevate advocacy, research, and educational efforts on behalf of the energy storage industry, with significant benefits and expanded opportunities for ESA’s staff and membership.”

The announcement follows the US Department of Energy announcing a target of reducing the cost of grid-scale, long-duration storage systems by 90% by 2030. Reducing the costs will also ensure that energy storage systems are readily available in abundance to scale up renewables deployment.

Commenting on the target, the US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, said“We’re going to bring hundreds of gigawatts of clean energy onto the grid over the next few years, and we need to be able to use that energy wherever and whenever it’s needed.

“That’s why DOE is working aggressively toward cheaper, longer duration energy storage to reach President Biden’s goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035. This new initiative will create new manufacturing jobs right here at home and make sure clean, reliable, affordable electricity is available to everyone, including Americans living in remote and underserved communities.” Find out more here.