Metcogen 2004


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METCOGEN 2004 attracted participants from diverse backgrounds overall participants rated that the presentations were objective and rated the quality of the program highly. The event enabled attendees to:

  • Learn methods for calculating the cost and benefits of advanced metering and co-generation
  • Examine best practices for CHP
  • Hear about successful peak load reduction and energy efficiency programs
  • Understand the business case for sub-metering vs direct metering
  • Determine options for alternative finance of advanced metering and CHP
  • Discover new strategies for demand response
  • Evaluate great applications for energy efficiency
  • See technologies that will take you well into the future

Conference committee

The METCOGEN conference committee consists of senior executives from the energy industry. The committee’s role includes advising the management team on the latest industry trends, challenges and discussion issues, thus creating an event developed by and for the industry.

Event Highlights Include:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Peak load management
  • Integration of co-generation and advanced metering