Renesas meter Billing reference platform
Simple Energy notes that 58% of customers want their utility to provide recommendations on energy-saving goods - this according to a 2013 Accenture report

Utilities looking to upgrade customer service and billing software, should check out SmartGridCIS’s latest version of Gridink.

GridLink CIS is a web-based customer information system (CIS) that combines traditional post-pay utility billing with a prepaid solution.

Commenting on the development of the new software, Mark Adkins, VP of product development at SmartGridCIS, said: “The common complaint we hear from customers across deregulated markets is the inability of legacy CIS systems to natively support both smart meter and traditional meter data for billing customers, without significant customisation.

“Our intent with the new GridLink CIS is to enable our clients to utilise a single platform that supports any metering technology, across multiple commodities, for both traditional postpaid or prepaid utility billing.”

Customer incentives

The system also incorporates a promotions engine allowing retailers to build multiple offers into their rates and products, such as tenure-based credits, event-driven credits and discounts based on payment or enrolment events, and bundled products such as gift cards or smart thermostats.

Other features include integrated Continuous Service Agreements (CSA), customisable statement and document generation, configurable billing frequencies, batch data management and general ledger/chart of accounts customisation and integration.

The software leverages a flexible architecture that allows retail energy providers and utilities to implement in phases.