Meter company expands in North Raleigh


Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 3, 2008 – Sensus Metering Systems, created in 2003 after it was spun off from Invensys Metering Systems, is expanding its headquarters in North Raleigh and plans to hire 40 additional workers. The company will renew its lease on a 16,287-square-foot site at Highwoods Forum Office Park in North Raleigh and is leasing an additional 10,434-square-foot office in the same park.

“The overall quality of life in North Raleigh and the availability of highly skilled talent … make it an ideal location for our business and employees,” said Mike DeCocco, vice president of human resources.

DeCocco said the company now has 50 employees in North Raleigh. It has approximately 3,300 workers worldwide, including Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Germany, Brazil and China.

The company produces highly automated metering equipment for water, gas, electric, and heat utilities, and one office will be used by the company’s advanced metering infrastructure management team, marketing group, technical writers and engineers. Sensus’s business has been fueled by strong worldwide demand to replace or upgrade metering equipment.