Meter data management system for Anaheim Public Utilities

Stephen Nees,
Technology Dev. Manager,
Anaheim Public Utilities
Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 8, 2007 – The Anaheim City Council has approved the Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) Department’s decision to implement eMeter’s EnergyIP Meter Data Management System to support the municipality’s advanced metering initiative.

eMeter is a provider of advanced metering information system software for electric, gas, and water utilities, and EnergyIP will process, analyze, and store data for Anaheim’s 160,000 electric and water meters as it implements an advanced metering information system that will enable the municipality to better balance energy supply and demand through innovative rates and encourage conservation during critical peak periods.

Anaheim’s award-winning "Spare the Power Days" pilot program, supported by eMeter technology, provides energy customers with information and incentives that encourage reduced energy use during times of high demand. This program was named the Best Demand Response Initiative by the Energy Planning Network, a utility membership-based peer group.

EnergyIP will integrate five data collection sources, including two AMI systems, two C&I systems, and the manual meter reading system with four utility back office systems consisting of CIS/Billing, Work Management, Outage Management, and GIS. With emphasis on AMI business process automation, EnergyIP will provide daily interval data validation, estimation, and editing, flat rate, time of use and critical peak billing determinants, automated exception processing, real-time outage and restoration event management, load data for distribution planning, and AMI asset tracking and life-cycle management. Additionally, the EnergyIP suite of analytic tools will empower Anaheim to optimize its operations.

Stephen Nees, Technology Development Manager at Anaheim Public Utilities, believes that EnergyIP will serve as the foundation of advanced metering at Anaheim Public Utilities.