Leak detection technology California

US water conservation software company Dropcountr has launched a meter data management platform aimed at water utilities that uses visual monitoring and reporting as well as meter-agnostic analytics.

Dropcountr’s first utility product CLEAR is marketed as enabling utilities to meet increasing state and federal water conservation goals, and is released onto the market as the western part of the US continues to battle with a heatwave and drought.

Smart meter communication

The meter data management platform allows utility staff to identify and engage specific customer segments, sending personalised messages, rebates and targeted conservation tips through email or push messages.

Smart water meter homes can be notified before users exceed rate-tiers or experience costly leaks. And utilities can access a customer’s profile, engagement history, and account records to better meet their needs.

CLEAR also provides customer web screen mirroring to improve customer support calls.

Big meter data

CLEAR’s analytics are meter-agnostic and optimized for all metered data, so utilities can access their service area and filter data by customer segments, usage, and location to identify trends and abnormal use.

Robb Barnitt, CEO of Dropcountr, said: “The drought has continued to challenge utilities in new ways – now staff must quickly and effectively communicate with their customers, and assemble system data for mandatory reporting.

“In response, we consulted with utilities and designed CLEAR to be a turnkey solution for all utilities to save time and resources- making monitoring, outreach and reporting easy.”