Meter manufacturer receives ANSI compliance certification


Baltimore MD

Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 12, 2007 – A nationally-recognized independent test laboratory has certified that Integrated Metering Systems’ Mini Meter complies with the ANSI C12.1 Code for Electricity Metering. IMS is a manufacturer of electronic kWh meters for submetering electricity in multiple unit facilities.

The IMS indoor-rated Dual Element Mini Meter, model MMD1202001-SCC, was evaluated by MET Laboratories in Baltimore, MD, in accordance with ANSI C12.1, the American National Standards Institute’s Code for Electricity Metering, and was found to comply with all applicable requirements. Conformance to ANSI C12.1 is the key measure used by U.S. electric utilities, regulating entities, and others to determine the accuracy and reliability of revenue-grade electric energy meters.

In 1988, MET Laboratories became the first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the United States for testing and certifying products to UL safety standards. In 1992, MET changed its focus exclusively to testing and certification of electrical products.

“Product certification to nationally recognized standards by reputable independent test agencies requires a substantial capital investment, but it demonstrates our company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction” said Charlie Wilde, IMS Company Chairman and VP of Sales for the Western U.S. and Canada.

The Mini Meter is a compact, inexpensive electronic kWh meter used in apartments, marinas, and commercial and industrial applications to accurately quantify electric energy usage for single phase, 120/240V applications. Energy usage information (kWh) can be displayed at the meter or transmitted remotely via an automatic meter reading system.

IMS Meters meet U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and are also California Weights and Measures Approved. All meters have a ten year warranty, and are compatible with hardwired or wireless AMR, including Inovonics, Hexagram, Speedread and Radiopath.