Itron has partnered with US electric vehicle (EV) charging station manufacturer ClipperCreek to produce a unit with embedded revenue-grade sub-meter and smart grid communication functionality.

The Itron-enabled CS-40-SG2 charging station will give utilities visibility and control of EV charging directly through their smart grid through wireless communication interfaces.

Other features of the ZigBee-protocol unit include meter data recording, including interval data, registers and tampers.

The station can also access local Wi-Fi to allow the utility to share demand response programme information to nearby browser-enabled mobile devices.

These units will deployed in pilot projects from this month.

Jason France, president of ClipperCreek, commented on the launch: “As EV charging increases power use across the country [US], utilities will need a solution that allows them to monitor and control the timing without inconveniencing the customer.

“The CS-40-SG2 enables critical functions needed to directly regulate electric vehicle charging cost effectively.”

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