Microsoft Hohm partners with Xcel Energy


John Hoeven,
North Dakota
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 18, 2009 – Microsoft’s energy offering Microsoft Hohm is to be made available to Xcel Energy’s 3.4 million customers across Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and parts of Colorado.

Customers must opt in to access Hohm and then their energy data will be uploaded automatically into their Hohm profiles.
Microsoft Hohm uses advanced analytics licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Energy to give consumers personalized energy saving recommendations. These recommendations are tailored based on consumers’ specific household circumstances including home attributes and use of appliances. Now, the addition of live data feeds for Xcel customers will allow for better analysis and more personalized tips for home energy conservation.
“By working with Microsoft Hohm, we can provide our customers with vital energy information that will help them discover new ways to be more efficient and manage their energy bill,” said Mark Nisbet, North Dakota principal manager of Xcel Energy. “And, as we each do our part, the environment as a whole will benefit.”

Microsoft Hohm enables utilities to fulfill consumers’ growing demand for more comprehensive energy information by equipping them with personalized and relevant energy data. Additionally, it helps reach conservation goals by helping consumers to reduce their energy usage.  

“Our approach in North Dakota has been to develop all of our energy resources, both renewable and traditional, in an environmentally responsible manner and with good conservation measures in place,” says John Hoeven, North Dakota Governor. “I’m excited to see that consumer conservation is now easier with this announcement, giving homeowners and businesses the tools they need not only to save energy, but to save money as well. North Dakota is proud to pilot this innovative new technology with Microsoft and Xcel Energy.”