Milestone reached in patented Sonix® gas measurement technology


Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 16, 2009 – The 200th customer milestone for the line of Sonix® ultrasonic gas meters – advanced measurement technology that features fewer components than mechanical meters and delivers improved performance – has been reached, Sensus has announced.

Since the market release in 2003, more than 200 customers worldwide, including twenty major gas distribution companies, have opted for the electronically-based Sonix meters, which deliver superior performance and life cycle costs over comparable mechanical meters, in a significantly smaller and lighter package. With no moving parts to wear, built-in intelligence, and a 15 year warranty, Sonix is one of the most advanced gas meters available.

“With the increasing requirements placed on today’s gas metering endpoints to mine data for improved gas management and control, the intelligent Sonix meters fit easily into a utility’s plans to get more value from their gas meters,” said Rob Ennis, VP of Marketing for Global Gas Operations at Sensus. “The move toward smart metering and advanced communications is a timely, well-suited match with the all electronic platform and information generating capability of the Sonix meter family.”

At just 12 pounds, Sonix meters are about 25 percent of the weight and only 1/7th the size of equivalent diaphragm meters. They take up less space in meter sets and can be installed in confined spaces. In fact, a Sonix meter installation can be performed by one person. The reduced size and weight also contribute to lower shipping costs and more efficient use of warehouse space.

Sonix meters feature a patented ultrasonic technology, which translates into fewer components and exceptional measurement results. The digital design completely eliminates moving parts and associated mechanical tolerances which, in turn, drive reliability, performance, and accuracy to levels unmatched by any mechanical measurement device.