Mitsubishi and VoltDB partner on AMI project in Japan

VoltDB has part, to support high speed data ingestion and swift analysis of smart meters in an AMI project in Hokkaido, Japan

US-based operational database management systems provider VoltDB has partnered with electrical equipment manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, for the implementation of an AMI project in Japan.

According to Control Engineering Asia, VoltDB is providing its fast data engine to support high speed data ingestion, swift analysis and rapid decision making for six million smart meters deployed in Hokkaido and Shikoku provinces in Japan.

Commenting on the development, Hiroyuki Okamura, New Solution Systems, Information Systems & Network manager at Mitsubishi Electric said “We selected VoltDB because we needed a transactional database architected to handle fast data speeds and volume while delivering real-time analytics. ”

Utilities can use this system  to drive down energy consumption.

VoltDB in Europe’s AMI landscape

At the same time, the operational database management system provider was selected by IT firm CGI to provide its data processing and storage solution, to power a smart metering solution project in Europe.

VoItDB’s solution will process large volumes of continuous messages sent by a network of electricity and gas suppliers to retrieve information from more than 50 million smart meters, as well as provide an in-memory platform delivering fast access to data upon each request.

The contract stipulates VoltDB will also provide an operational data store to track and monitor information passed through the system.

The project will enable the national network of utilities to cut costs, manage authorisation issues, monitor compliance and improve energy efficiency in both residential and commercial applications.

Global AMI predictions

These developments follow the June release of a report stating the Asia Pacific will account for 65% of the world’s installed base of smart meters by 2020.

ABI Research research findings points to mass rollouts in China, which had nearly 210 million units installed by 2014.

Senior analyst at ABI Research Adarsh Krishnan said: “The [Asia Pacific] region will overtake North America, where mass roll-outs by large utilities peaked already in 2012, leaving the next wave of installations driven by smaller municipal co-operatives.”

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