Mobile Work Management suite provides critical information


St Paul, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 18, 2008 – The enhanced Mobile Work Management, a suite of field operations applications designed to provide up to date operational information to all utility employees, has been introduced by utility field software solutions provider Powel. This critical information includes work assignments, GIS and mapping data, CIS records, AMR information, construction specifications, billing history, inspection records, and work history.

Powered by StakeOut®, Powel’s field design software, Mobile Work Management was developed specifically for rapidly increasing mobile, desktop and Web-based users. Regardless of their location, the applications give users full visibility to the operational information they need to be their most productive. With as much as 90% of a utility’s assets located in the field, it’s the logical place for investment to gain the best returns.

Included in the suite are applications for:

  • Design and construction
  • Storm assessment
  • Vegetation assessment and auditing
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Underground locating
  • Meter changeout management

In addition, Powel announced its close cooperation with MotherLode North America and tight integration with WorkLode Manager, a suite of tools to schedule equipment and crews. Worklode Manager pulls data from Powel’s applications to produce daily work schedules and management reports. Now superintendents, schedulers and dispatchers can link crew schedules with service order, work order, equipment assignment and material availability even more efficiently.

"Many utilities still use pen and paper to track work going on in their operations, but the trend toward mobility is rapidly growing," says Scott Rogers, CEO of Powel, Inc. "Collecting information at the source has allowed utilities to increase accuracy significantly and cut turnaround times from weeks to days. Mobile applications eliminate redundant data entry and lower administrative expenses. Now that utilities are making complete operational information accessible to everyone at the utility, they are realizing a new level of efficiency not seen before, helping to reduce expenses and improve customer service."